• Industry partners are asked to pay a small membership fee to join the CDT. In return industry partners will have access to co-supervised studentships, new talent and ability to guide the CDT and network with the students. The joining fee can be paid over a few years giving amazing value developing projects with academics from the partner universities (Glasgow, Birmingham, Aston and CÚRAM).

    Benefits include:

    1. Project co-creation – The opportunity to co-create interdisciplinary project(s) each year with academics across all three UK universities and CÚRAM.
    2. Membership to a UK wide community to develop and grow the non-animal technologies (NAT) sector. This will provide enhanced networking opportunities with students, academics, industry, regulators, clinicians, funders (EPSRC and NC3Rs)  and charities.
    3. The ability to shape the future of the CDT and ensure the graduates are innovation leaders by providing strategic advice on the lifETIME processes, skills training and recruitment through attendance at the annual stakeholder day, student day and quarterly management meetings.
    4. Access to 89 lifETIME graduates who will all be looking for employment within our partner companies and within the non-animal technologies sector. Partners will get the opportunity to be involved in the cohort-based training where students can demonstrate their high value skills sought by our partners at our bi-annual retreats, career talks, webinars and by hosting students placements.

    Please contact for more information about membership fees.