Previous events

  • Stakeholder Day

    Thursday 21st January 2021

    Our annual Stakeholder Day will take place on Thursday 21st January 2021 via Zoom.

    The stakeholder day will bring together LifETIME students, academics, industry partners, iClub members and steering group.

    The purpose of the stakeholder day is to capture our stakeholder views from which the management will use to refine the CDTs impact strategy. In the morning a facilitator will capture CDT subjects, highlighted and raised by stakeholders. These subjects will then form the basis for the discussion points in the afternoon.

    The afternoon will consist of six co-current discussions over three different sessions. Each session will be 30 minutes long and stakeholders will have the chance to attend the discussion most important and relevant to them. The discussion sessions will use open space principles and responses and suggestions will be collected.

    To reduce the time spent on zoom we ask that in advance of the event all attendees watch the short video clips here. Watching these short videos clips will ensure that the event is more worthwhile for the stakeholders on the day.

    There will also be an opportunity for all attendees to network.

    The full updated programme is available here.

    Please register here to attend the event.

    Student Day

    Thursday 10th September 2020

    Our first LifETIME Student Day will take place on Thursday 10th September 2020 via Zoom.

    The student day will bring together lifETIME academics, partners, iClub, steering board and students. During this event the 2019 cohort who will showcase their research projects and the following industrial partners will present a 5-minute pitch about their company and technologies :

    Followed by funder talks from

    • – Michael Kipping, Innovation Lead – Biomedical Catalyst, Health Sector Team at Innovate UK.
    • – Anthony Holmes, Director of Science and Technology, NC3Rs

    The full programme is available here. Details to access the event online will be emailed directly to those who have registered.

    Please register here to attend the event.

    Future Leaders in Regenerative Medicine: Joint Conference CDTs and UKSB

    Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th June 2020

    The following EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training across the UK regenerative medicine field and the UK society for biomaterials will come together online on 24th and 25th June 2020:

    The CDTs will showcase their research to professionals and other PhD students within the field via Zoom.

    The conference will begin with keynote speaker Prof Liam Grover, Director of the Healthcare Technologies Institute (HTI) at the University of Birmingham.

    The conference will break out into six themes across two days. During each session there will be presentations from later year CDT students within the field and poster and flash talks from early year students. The programme will allow for time to view posters on the UKSB website in advance of the poster discussion session.

    If you would like to attend this event please register here.



    Industry Day

    Wednesday 22nd January 2020


    Our first LifETIME Industry Day will take place on Wednesday 22nd January 2020 in the Reading Room at the University of Glasgow Union.

    The industry day will bring together lifETIME academics, partners, iClub, steering board and students.

    The programme will consist of formal progress presentations from the CDT executive management group. This will be followed by a facilitated session in the afternoon using open space principles to discuss subjects that have been captured during the morning session. Responses and suggestions from the open discussion will be collected. This will provide the CDT with information that is inclusive of all staff, stakeholder and student views from which the CDT will refine the impact strategy.

    There will an opportunity for all attendees to network.


    Below are the PowerPoint slides followed by video recordings of the presentations from the event:


    CDT Hub Overview – Michelle Carmichael


    LifETIME Student Recruitment – Matthew Dalby 


    LifETIME PartnersManuel Salmeron-Sanchez


    LifETIME at The University of Birmingham/Aston UniversityLiam Grover


    LifETIME at CÚRAM, National University of Galway Mihai Lomora


    A Physicist’s PerspectiveGeorgia Harris


    An International PerspectiveYashna Chabria