Animal Free Research UK

  • The lifETIME CDT focuses on developing animal free technologies for drug discovery, toxicology screening and regenerative medicine. We have a strong commitment to develop technologies that replace and reduce use of animals in research. Further to this, we aim to reduce and replace the use of all animal derived components for our in vitro biological research. We’ve strategically partnered with Animal Free Research UK in order to (1) advocate for new ways to perform research and (2) to provide enhanced training to our students – both aiding us to improve drug discovery in the future.

    Animal Free Research UK’s Vision is ‘To create a world where human diseases are cured faster without animal suffering’.

    To help Animal Free Research UK achieve their vision, the lifETIME CDT encourages PhD projects that meet these guidelines to be identified with a badge as EPSRC/SFI/AFRUK sponsored. By doing so we help increase Animal Free Research UK’s visibility of brand and principles in scientific publications and in conferences around the world.

    For more information about Animal Free Research UK and their current projects please visit the Animal Free Research UK website.