• Programme & Benefits

    The CDT will train the next generation of leaders in developing in vitro tissues, sensing and diagnostics to develop humanised in vitro systems to drive better drug screening. There are major problems with current drug discovery:

    1. Genomic and high-throughput technologies are driving the volume of new drug leads, but despite this volume, the number of successes has remained static; there is a productivity crisis.
    2. Overly simple in vitro screens and non-human animal models are not predicting fails and so 40% of new drug fails are discovered during human trials.

    The lifETIME CDT thus focuses on development of non-animal technologies to improve predictive power of pre-clinical drug screens and thus drive medicines discovery.

    Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

    LifETIME have placed EDI at the heart of its activities offering part-time studentships, funding to support applications from widening participation, childcare support for conference attendance, flexible working for carers as well as prompting a work-life balance.

    How to Apply

    LifETIME CDT UK Universities (Glasgow, Birmingham and Aston)

    UK recruitment for session 2020/21 is now closed. Recruitment for session 2021/22 will open at the end of the year. Please see our twitter page for announcements.

    All applications regardless of the UK University that you wish you study at should be submitted via the University of Glasgow online system.

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    LifETIME CDT CÚRAM (Ireland)

    CÚRAM recruitment for session 2020/21 is now closed.

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