• The first projects the CDT will offer to students are currently being formulated with our partners and will be available here soon.

    In the meantime, to help you decide to apply to become part of our first cohort of students, the projects within the CDT will comprise:

    Cell and tissue engineering

    • Biomaterials discovery and development of scaffolds as support to investigate physiology and disease
    • Culture of human cells with biomaterials (e.g. surfaces, 3D printed scaffolds, hydrogels, topographical patterns etc) in order to build 3D tissues such as liver, cardiac tissue, bone marrow environment, cartilage, neural tissues etc.
    • These techniques will also be applied to develop models of cancerous tissues (leukaemia, breast cancer dormancy in the bone marrow etc).
    • Predictive computational modelling of tissues and organs to match experimental data.

    Cell sensing and cell testing

    • Microfluidics and acoustic technologies for cell sorting and cell testing (e.g. by phenotype, size etc) and drug delivery to organdie cultures.
    • Real-time detection technologies, e.g. Raman spectroscopy and novel microscopies.
    • Electronic engineering of detection systems to monitor pH, and metabolite release during cell growth and drug screening.

    Translation and manufacturing

    • Translation of basic science concepts to real world materials that allow industrial adoption, scale-up and manufacture.
    • Bioprocess engineering such as in-line monitoring, cell growth dynamics.

    The projects will range from fundamental science discovery, moving these discoveries into real world use, upscale and GMP manufacture and translating into industrial settings.

    Example drivers and projects are given below:

    Image showing example projects and project drivers