Management Team

  • The lifETIME CDT Management Team is composed of academic members from the partner universities.

    Prof Matt Dalby (He/Him)


    Prof Matt Dalby FRSE (University of Glasgow) is director of the CDT. His research focusses on using materials to understand mesenchymal stem cell function in relation to bone, cartilage and the bone marrow niche.

    Prof Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez

    Executive Director

    Prof Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez (University of Glasgow) is executive director of the CDT. His research focusses on synthetic polymers and hydrogels that contain biological components to make the cell-materials of tomorrow.

    Prof Liam Grover (He/Him)

    Deputy Director

    Prof Liam Grover (University of Birmingham) is deputy director fo the CDT. His group focuses on the application of materials science and chemical engineering to the design of novel technologies for the regeneration of tissues. He is also interested in the fundamental science behind the mechanical performance of both ceramics and soft solids and how they may be influenced by physiological conditions.

    Prof Abhay Pandit

    Deputy Director

    Prof Abhay Pandit FBSE, FTERM (CÚRAM) research focuses on deciphering the host response in the diseased condition and using this information to engineer better biomaterials systems.

    Prof James Wolffsohn

    Deputy Director

    James S Wolffsohn, a Professor of Optometry at Aston University. His main research areas are the development and evaluation of ophthalmic instrumentation, contact lenses, intraocular lenses, and the tear film. He is a National Teaching Fellow, has published more than 280 full peer-reviewed papers and presented at numerous international conferences.

    Prof Ivan Wall (He/Him)

    Innovation Director

    Professor Ivan Wall is an interdisciplinary scientist who works at the interface of cell biology, bioprocess engineering and digital technology. His research group works on stem cells and extracellular vesicles, with emphasis on industrial translation and scale up production.

    Prof Paula Mendes (She/Her)

    Mentor Champion

    Prof Paula Mendes FIChemE (University of Birmingham) research focuses on the development of biointerfaces with enhanced dynamic and functional complexity for on-demand sensing, and construction of synthetic antibody mimics on surfaces for glycan recognition. The antibody technology is being harnessed to build more accurate tests for early cancer. Prof Mendes is the CDT mentor champion.

    Prof Jon Cooper

    Impact Lead

    Prof Jon Cooper FRSE, FREng (University of Glasgow) is then impact lead for the lifETIME CDT. His major research interested are in biomedical imaging, biosensors and medical diagnostics. He has a track record of spin-out and translation of devices into industry and clinical practice.

    Prof Huabing Yin

    Organ-on-a-chip Champion

    Prof Huabing Yin (University of Glasgow) is the organ-on-a-chip champion for the CDT. Her work focusses on microfluidic and bioengineering approaches to developing sensing, diagnostic and tissue engineering technologies.

    Dr Mathis Riehle

    Outreach Lead

    Dr Mathis Riehle (University of Glasgow)) is the outreach lead for the CDT. Dr Riehle research investigates the molecular mechanisms how cells interact with surfaces using devices made by micro- and nanofabrication with a specific chemical, topographic or mechanical surface design.

    Prof Alicia El Haj (She/Her)

    Conference and Societies Champion

    Alicia El Haj is the Interdisciplinary Professor of Cell Engineering at the Healthcare Technologies Institute and Director of the Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Birmingham.

    Dr Manus Biggs

    Device Tech Lead

    Dr Manus Biggs (CÚRAM) is device technology lead for the lifETIME CDT. His research integrates material science, electronic engineering, top-down nanofabrication techniques and biological functionalization strategies in developing biomaterial platforms, with a focus on elucidating specific mechanisms of cell-material interactions to enable the development of next-generation medical devices.

    Prof Laura Machesky

    Cancer Research Champion

    Prof Laura Machesky FRSE, FMedSci (University of Glasgow) is cohort champion for the lifETIME CDT. She is interested in how mechanical cues from the extracellular matrix shape cancer and normal cell migration, adhesion and signalling behaviour in 3D.

    Dr Emily Draper

    Early Career Researcher Champion

    Dr Emily Draper (University of Glasgow) is a lecturer in chemistry and her main research interests are in self-assembled organic materials in wearable electronics for bio-sensing and ophthalmic viscosurgical devices.

    Michelle Carmichael (She/Her)

    lifETIME Deputy Manager

    Mrs Michelle Carmichael (University of Glasgow) is the Deputy Doctoral Training Hub Manager for the LifETIME CDT.

    Mihai Lomora Ph.D.

    CÚRAM Project Manager

    Aimee Soare (She/Her)

    LifETIME Senior Administrator

    Aimee Soare is the Senior Doctoral Training Hub Administrator for the lifETIME CDT (University of Glasgow).

    Monika Maitles (She/Her)

    LifETIME Events Coordinator

    Monika Maitles is the Graduate School and Doctoral Training Hub Events Coordinator for the lifETIME CDT (University of Glasgow).

    Stuart Collie (He/Him)

    LifETIME Administration Assistant

    Stuart Collie is the Doctoral Training Hub Administration Assistant for the lifETIME CDT (University of Glasgow).

    Emma Lardner (She/Her)

    Healthcare Technologies Institute Operations Manager

    Emma Lardner is the Operations Manager for the LifETIME CDT (University of Birmingham).

    Carissa Pausanos (She/Her)

    Operations and Research Support Administrator

    Carissa Pausanos is the Operations and Research Support Administrator for the LifETIME CDT (University of Birmingham).

    Hannah Lamont

    Birmingham (CDT Student Representative)

    Hannah is the 2019 CDT student representative from the University of Birmingham. Hannah's research is dedicated to investigation and treatment of trabecular meshwork fibrosis using 3D glaucoma models.

    Ibrahim Erbay

    NUI Galway (CDT Student Representative)

    Ibrahim is the 2020 CDT student representative from the NUI Galway. Ibrahim's research is dedicated to development of new experimental models of inflammatory bowel disease.

    Amaziah Alipio

    Birmingham (CDT Student Representative)

    Amaziah is the 2021 CDT student representative from University of Birmingham. Amaziah's research is dedicated to cell-based therapies for liver regeneration.

    Eleanor Barton

    Aston (CDT Student Representative)

    Eleanor is the 2022 CDT student representative from Aston University. Eleanor's research is dedicated to a novel in vitro vascular model for analysis of blood flow through medical devices.