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Gaining a Sens of Industry

By LifETIME CDT Student: Hannah Williamson (She/Her) (University of Birmingham) As I scanned out of the building for the last time, I realised the last 4 months I’d spent on placement with Integrated Graphene had flown by in a summer tinted blur. At the start of May, I moved to Scotland to work for the engineering

Exploring FluidFM Technology at Zurich

By LifETIME CDT Student: Sabah Sardar (She/Her) (University of Glasgow) I had the opportunity of undertaking my PhD placement at ETH Zurich in the Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics. It proved to be transformative and incredibly rewarding experience that allowed me to explore the world of Fluidic Force Microscopy (FluidFM). In this blog post, I’ll take

Revolutionizing Recovery: The Frontier of Free Flap Monitoring in Reconstructive Surgery

By LifETIME CDT Student: Narjes Meselmani (She/Her) (University of Galway) This blog contains material of a highly sensitive nature including surgical procedures that may be triggering for some individuals. Within the intricate realm of reconstructive surgery, specifically in the head and neck region, the success rate of free flap transplants serves as a remarkable monument to

Sticky Business: Investigating “velcro” gelators in the Netherlands

By LifETIME CDT Student: Chloe Wallace (University of Glasgow) In March I travelled to the Netherlands to undertake a three-month placement at the University of Technology in Eindhoven (TUE), working with Professor Patricia Dankers’ group. Here, I learned all about their self-assembling ureido-pyrimidinone (UPy) functionalised polymers and their potential as biomaterials. These UPy-units act as a

HOW TO BUILD A BRAIN: Looking to the developing brain when developing brain models

By LifETIME CDT Student: Martha Gallagher (She/Her) (Aston University) Neurodegenerative diseases – varying in action but all resulting in the degeneration of parts of the nervous system – pose one of the greatest threats to our healthspan today. You can probably name at least one person in your life who is living with Parkinson’s, ALS, MS,

Engineering Biologically Active Vascular Grafts

By LifETIME CDT Student: Justine Clarke (She/Her) (University of Glasgow) Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally. They can occur in several different forms, most commonly from a build-up of fatty tissue or blood clots that restrict the blood flow to the brain, heart, or limbs. Another type of CVD occurs when the

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