Archive: November 14, 2022

Rebuilding highways to the brain

By LifETIME CDT Student: Josep Fumado Navarro (He/Him) (University of Galway) The brain is the most complex organ of the body and, even with the latest research advances, we are still a long way from fully understanding it. One of the difficulties, is the lack of relevant models to conduct studies of the human brain.

Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutics: The Knee-d to Change our Approach

By LifETIME CDT Student: Jennifer Willis (Aston University) Inflammation is a protective biological response driven by immune cells during infections or at sites of tissue damage. However, there is a fine balance between the induction of an inflammatory response and its resolution. A failure in the control of these processes can trigger abnormal overstimulation of our

Emerging therapies to help you liver-little!

By LifETIME CDT Student: James Kennedy (University of Birmingham) Chronic liver disease (CLD) is a major global problem which can lead to devastating complications such as liver failure and primary liver cancer. Currently, there are no curative therapies for advanced liver disease, with surgery/ transplantation only an option in a minority of patients . The liver