Archive: September 24, 2020

LifETIME CDT Student Day

By LifETIME CDT Administrator: Emma Lardner (University of Birmingham) Delegates have attended the first virtual LifETIME CDT Student Day event bringing together academics, industry partners and LifETIME students. The event began with a welcome from Ivan Wall, Professor of Regenerative Medicine, Cell & Gene Therapy Bioprocessing at Aston University who gave an informative overview of the

FLIM starring metastatic pancreatic cancer cells

By LifETIME CDT Student: Elena Mandrou (University of Glasgow) My project revolves around studying a signalling pathway that previous research showed it is important for the directional metastasis (or spread) of aggressive cancers.  The signal in question is a lipid called lysophosphatidic acid (or LPA) that exists in the cells’ surroundings. The cells’ have a

lifETIME goes to “Future Leaders in Regenerative Medicine: Joint Conference CDTs and UKSB”

By LifETIME CDT Student: Lydia-Styliani Marinou (University of Glasgow) Once upon a time, the Lifetime CDT collaborated with the following CDTs and the UK Society of Biomaterials to organise a joint event this summer:  EPSRC-SFI Joint CDT in Engineered Tissues for Discovery, Industry and Medicine (LifETIME) EPSRC/MRC CDT in Regenerative Medicine EPSRC/MRC CDT in Regenerative

Dragons Den Competition

By LifETIME CDT Student: Megan Boseley (Aston University) As part of the CDT coronavirus online training the Dragons Den competition, including the 5 preliminary business and marketing sessions, were pushed forward and moved to zoom. Initially, informative training with Peter Childs and Frank Rinaldi provided background on market awareness, IP, spin-outs and start-ups, forming a