lifETIME Students take on Fundraising Challenge for DEBRA UK


By Emma Lardner (She/Her) (lifETIME CDT Administrator for Birmingham and Operations Manager of the Healthcare Technologies Institute, University of Birmingham)

On Wednesday 21st September 2022, our lifETIME CDT Students took part in a challenge to raise money for DEBRA UK at our annual Lake District retreat.

Photo of CDT students with a large purple DEBRA banner. The Coniston Lake is in the background

The challenge began by splitting our students into small groups who were each provided with a series of maps. Each map contained clues to locations within the Raymond Priestley Centre and Lake Coniston, with the aim of collecting numbers which would be used later on in the challenge to crack a code.

The challenge provided a fun fast-paced activity for our cohort of students while raising both awareness and money for the wonderful work DEBRA do for people living with EB and their families.

DEBRA UK is the national charity supporting those directly affected by, and working with, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) – a potentially fatal skin condition that causes constant pain due to unstoppable internal and external blistering. DEBRA provides lifelong care and support to the entire EB community. Together we #FightEB and together we will beat EB.

Photo: (Left to right) Emma Lardner, Georgia Harris, Megan Boseley, Edward Contreras, Matt Woods, Sabah Sardar, Chloe Wallace, Lauren Hope, Seb Doherty-Boyd & Mirella Ejiugwo

Photo: (Left to right) Seb Doherty-Boyd, Mirella Ejiugwo, Edward Contreras, Georgia Harris, Lauren Hope, Matthew Woods & Emma Lardner