CVD and Aortic Flow: Lights, Camera, Action!

By LifETIME CDT Student: Eleanor Barton (She/Her) (Aston University) Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) – you may have heard of these diseases; you probably know someone directly affected by it as there are around 7.6 million people in the UK alone, living with a form of CVD; as reported by the British Heart Foundation. But how does it

3 Month Placement at Sphere Fluidics

By LifETIME CDT Student: Antonia Molloy (She/Her) (Aston University) I recently undertook my three-month placement at Sphere Fluidics, Cambridge, where I was working with the welcoming chemistry team. The main aim of my placement was to help synthesise and test a new surfactant the company are looking to commercialise in the future applications for droplet microfluidics.

LifETIME Down Under

By LifETIME CDT Student: Abigail Wright (She/Her) (University of Birmingham) In Feb 2023, I worked within the research labs at the University of Sydney, Australia for 2 months. I was based within the Charles Perkins Centre – a multimillion pound hub facilitating ground-breaking medical research. These labs are partly funded by the Australian government, to accelerate

It’s more than just biology – cells have feelings too!

By LifETIME CDT Student: Lola Ajayi (University of Glasgow) Our cells feel everything; cells respond to hormones, drugs, temperature, and a bunch of other stimuli. When it comes to cancer, cells are very sensitive to how soft or stiff the environment is around them. Depending on how stiff or soft and organised or disorganised proteins in

Can Raman Spectroscopy Shine a Light on Cancer?

By LifETIME CDT Student: William Mills (University of Glasgow) In 1930 the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, an Indian Physicist, for his discovery of inelastic scattering of light in organic liquids. Scattering here just means that the direction of the light was changed by hitting a molecule. The reason this

Gulliver’s Guide to Multiple Sclerosis

By LifETIME CDT Student: Patrick C Hurley (CÚRAM, University of Galway) Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – you may have heard of the disease, you may know someone afflicted by it, but what exactly is it and what makes it such a serious diagnosis? MS is a chronic, inflammatory disease of the Central Nervous System CNS and is